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SunPump uses WinAmp's Visualization plug-ins to visualize sun spots since 1749.  It uses the SIDC's Sun Spot data from the current date to 1749..  Almost any Visualization plug-in can be used (you only need SunPump and the Visualization .DLL to run, you don't actually need WinAmp).  

You can get the Visualization plug-ins at  The BEST one to get is probably AVS, which is included in the WinAmp full download (free)

NEW RELEASE:  The problem with COWPump exiting when the Vis exits has been fixed.  It now should work fine. Both COWPump and SunPump have been updated, along with the various releases for VisInterface.  

I HIGHLY recommend downloading WinAmp and using AVS, as that works great (some other plugs don't behave very nice and have problems).









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